The art of transfiguring the book

An innovative ready-to-fold book concept never before seen in the publishing world.

Originally created by L'Accolade Éditions and its founder, Alexandre Penigaut, the ORiHONi concept makes you discover a new facet of books. Indeed, reference marks are printed in order to guide you towards the page-folding process for making a bas-relief with the most beautiful effect! Drawing, word, geometric shape, silhouette... Everything takes shape with ORiHONi.

But who says that paper books era may soon be over?

To create unique ornaments

In your bookcase, on a shelf or a desk, ORiHONi books change the tone of your room.  

New creative craft, ORiHONi (from Japanese words oru, "folding", and hon "book") is directly inspired by the Japanese Decorative Arts. Through simple and well-thought foldings, your book becomes an unparalleled decorative object!

With our Presentation Kit - delivered free for every order placed on our website - you get a rare decorating idea, which will perfectly create a unique, sleek ambiance in a room. ORiHONi books are ideal for beautiful celebrations! 

Highly customizable, the improved concept of the ready-to-fold ORiHONi books makes the delight of all scrapbook and Arts & Crafts enthusiasts. 

  • Creative and playful activity
  • Surprising gift idea
  • Amazing decorative item

Accessible to all

This craft activity is a child's play whether you are 8 or 80 years old.

ORiHONi requires no material for folding, as is the case with origami - but unlike all other arts of paper folding such as kirigamipepakura or jianzhi. Here your hands are you only tools! 
What's the only requirement? Folding down each corner of the page, according to printed marks.
ORiHONi books will amuse the young and amaze the old!
An anti-stress therapeutic tool
By folding tens and hundreds of pages, you develop your senses of precision and patience. Also, focusing on small tasks helps you to relieve stress. Ludic, ready-to-fold ORiHONi books can therefore form part of art therapy programs.
ORiHONi is far more than a DIY creative idea : a nice moment of relaxation and pleasure.